Map Generator and Editor

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This project allows you to generate a variety of tile-based maps randomly, and then edit them in real-time with other people.

You can generate your own maps here:
Or view a pre-generated map (free to edit) here:
Use the sidebar at the left to get more of a guided tutorial for use, or to look up specific sections.

Map Generation Features include

  • Sculpting the shape of landmasses

  • Customizing the generation of biomes

  • Disabling individual rounds of generation

  • Easily randomize various settings or reseed for a different map using the same settings.

    Map Editing features include

  • Altering terrain and adding foregrounds, including custom images.

  • Drawing lines or making boxes to apply changes in batch.

  • Using a "Magic" tool to select groups of tiles to apply changes to.

  • Defining "Regions" to categorize groups of locations together.

  • Setting up rules to randomly generate text-based information on various types of tiles.

    This project is open-source